Veneer knives for the wood industry

An enormously important raw material, wood, is used and processed by numerous branches of industry.  Correspondingly many knives are used. Veneer knives are used for finer work in machines. These tools are used in various degrees of hardness, usually in cutting, separating and peeling machines, which separate the so-called veneer from the trunk. In our portfolio we also offer corresponding veneer knives according to individual templates.

Multifunctional use with tightest tolerances

Due to the variety of veneer types, veneer knives must be multifunctional. Our products are particularly suitable for difficult wood types that have a high resistance. 


Pelletizer Knife

Pelletizer knives are characterized by a high degree of effectiveness. Also known as hot die cutters or spatula knives, they are mainly used in the plastics industry. 


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Recycling knife

Recycling knives are precision knives for the recycling industry. Whether rotor-stator knives, flat and long knives, granulating knives or shredding knives. We manufacture according to your requirements.

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Perforated pelletizing plates

We develop and produce perforated plates of the highest quality in cooperation with our customers.

The use of new technology in our perforated plates enables a longer service life than with original products from the manufacturers.

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